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Builders, Construction & Interior Designers

Safety, style and design using window film, frosted or etched glass.

All buildings whether it be a home, office, school or commercial premises use glass for windows and often, doors. All Aspects Window Tinting can consult or assist you add protection, safety, security and design style to the windows, glass and doors in your projects or designs.

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Security film

Safety and security window films are designed to perform under adverse conditions. Strengthens glass, adds protection against intruders and extreme weather. Some reasons to consider using Security Film.

  • Natural disaster protection. Using security film prevents glass from shattering avoiding serious injury
  • Graffiti-Free. Reduce costs associated with graffiti. If vandals strike, just the film is replaced at a fraction of the cost
  • Anti Instrusion – avoid smashed windows. If struck glass will break but not shatter therefore preventing entry

Private home builders

  • Add value to your projects
  • Add to Basix score
  • Cost effective

Builders for commercial projects (construction)

Reasons why so many designers, architects and building engineers desire window film.

  • Decrease Heat
  • Reduce Fading
  • Cut Glare
  • Enjoy Energy Savings
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Fast & Easy

Interior designers (residential & commercial)

  • Designer Bathrooms
  • Interior Design (Residential)
  • Interior Commercial Design
  • Increase safety
  • Enhance Appearance
  • Fast & Easy