UltraGard is a leader in advanced window films for home and commercial tinting. The UltraGard brand offers a range of security and safety films for extra protection against breakage, injury and vandalism.

Our UltraGard Films

The UltraGard range of window films offer homes and commercial properties in Sydney with the latest in tinting technology for security and protection.

Security/Safety Film

The Security/Safety film provides an extra layer of protection to prevent accidental breakage and personal injury. This is our most popular film for Childcare centres & shopping centres, providing excellent all-around security.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-Graffiti film is a clear film that provides an extra layer of protection to prevent graffiti and damage to glass by vandals. This is our most popular film for shopping centres and retail outlets.

Nature View

A premium ceramic film, Nature View has been designed in lighter shades to allow more natural light while offering superior solar heat block and UV protection. It is our highest solar heat block in charcoal ceramic at 70%.

UltraGard Product Selection

As you can see, UltraGard offers a highly advanced product range that provides a good mix of quality tinting and practical protection. Depending on your specific needs, these home and commercial window tinting products will deliver the aesthetic appeal and excellent protection that you value.

When it comes to selecting the right window tint in the UltraGard range, consider the following:

  • The best way to visualise how these films work is to consider the areas where you’d like more security and extra glare and heat protection.
  • Consider your natural light needs and areas where your tint needs to deliver good natural light.
  • For office spaces, think about window graffiti and other acts of vandalism that can cost a lot of money to remedy.
  • These window tints also help with improved energy efficiency by reducing power usage on air conditioning.

Need Some Help?

For more information about UltraGard products, call us at any time or contact us online. Ask us about product selection for your home or office and for technical information to assist with your purchase. With experts in Castle Hill, Narellan, Penrith and Rouse Hill, we can answer all the tinting questions you have.