Johnsons Window Films by Oceania Distributing are a top of the line industry favourite offering a full suite of tinting products. These films are great options for general and specific uses. The Johnsons range of window films offer the latest technology and an extensive range for residential and office applications.

The Johnsons Range

Johnsons Window Films offer an extensive range of window films. These films provide privacy, UV protection, anti glare, high reflection and heat reduction making them perfect for homes or commercial applications.


Palisade is a premium ceramic film that has been designed in a lighter shade. This allows for more natural light while offering superior heat rejection and UV protection. These highly reflective window tints are ideal for homes and office buildings.


A darker film, Nightscape provides UV protection and heat rejection as well as maximum glare reduction. It’s also recommended for light reduction and it offers a natural black look. Films in this range, are available from medium to dark. This makes them perfect for homes that want privacy from prying eyes during the day.


A dual reflective film that provides UV protection and 82% heat rejection, the highest heat rejection in its range. It’s also a great film for glare reduction at 91%. These films are ideal for many modern homes and commercial buildings without obstructing their views to the picturesque scenery.

Daylight Natural

This charcoal film provides heat rejection and UV protection without cutting out too much light. It provides a very neutral look for windows, which makes it our most popular all round film for homes and commercial properties. They help in lowering overall energy costs and offer privacy during the day with the neutral grey shade.

Sunset Bronze

Sunset Bronze is recommended for heat rejection and UV protection while still allowing some natural light to come through. It creates a bronze reflective look on the exterior window.

Solar Silver

This silver reflective window tint provides heat rejection and UV protection with a mirror finish on the exterior window. This window tint has extremely high reflective properties making it the most popular commercial film.

Specialty Series

Coloured films that provide heat rejection and UV protection whilst also making a statement with their range of colours.

Selecting Your Window Film

With all these choices, you can be sure of finding a great window film for your home or office. The Johnsons range incorporates a lot of excellent aesthetics for your exterior, combined with top quality protection.

Compare the different styles, protective options and looks to decide which is right for your needs. If you’d like some guidance regarding specific onsite needs, talk to our expert team.

Hard to Choose? Let Us Help!

To find out more about Johnsons Window Films, call us or contact us online. We can help with product selection, helping you to find the perfect window tint for your needs. Ask our specialists about the different levels of protection for your home or business and we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

With services for cars, offices and homes, we service customers all around the Sydney suburbs of Castle Hill, Narellan, Penrith, Rouse Hill and the rest of the Hills District.