3M is a market leader in auto window films and one of the largest window tinting companies in the world. They are a benchmark brand for quality and they produce all their products to very high standards. All our technicians are accredited 3M installers who highly trust the quality of 3M products. That’s why we stock a full range of 3M products.

Our 3M Products

FX & CS Range

This range is recommended for automotive window tinting, UV protection, heat reduction and a darker appearance. The FX and CS tints are used for all-around protection, privacy and a great look for any kind of vehicle.

These industry standard tints provide excellent protection and very high-quality results. They are robust films that are ideal for Australian conditions and available at a very good price. For more information on our 3M range of auto window tinting film, view our download the brochures below.

FX Premium brochure

FX ST brochure

Color Stable brochure


Recommended for superior automotive UV protection and heat reduction, the Crystalline Range provides results without compromising your vision during the day or night.

3M Crystalline tints create a pleasant internal environment without sacrificing any protective screening. View or download our brochure below for more information.

Crystalline brochure

Finding the Right 3M Tint

If you haven’t seen these products before, take a little time to check out the advantages of each type of 3M tint. Which looks best? Which offers the right mix of protection and good appearance? Which is best for your needs in terms of a practical solution for light and glare management?

Consider appearance, UV protection and other features that are important to you and find a tint that ticks all the boxes.

If you need special tints for long distance driving or commercial or residential properties, talk to us about your needs. All Aspects Window Tinting can provide the products that you need in Castle Hill, Narellan, Penrith and Rouse Hill.

Ask Us about 3M Window Films

If you need any advice or help to select the right 3M window film product, feel free to give us a call or contact us online. Use our online form to ask questions and get a fast response or just ask us to get in touch. We’ll be happy to provide any guidance you need.