A man putting window tinting film on a car

Choosing the Right Shade of Window Tint

A man putting window tinting film on a carOnce you have decided to tint the windows of your car, it can be tricky to decide which shade of window tint you should choose. The shade of tint can have a dramatic or subtle effect on the look of your car, and different window tints are more suited for certain climates over others. Some shades are also more common than others.

If you are choosing the right shade of window tint, here is what you need to consider:

  • Looks: The darker the tint, the suaver your car can look. Consider if it suits your car’s colour to have dark tints. In Australia, automotive window tints must maintain 35% visible light transmittance into the vehicle, so you can’t make your window tint incredibly dark.
  • Weather: Where you drive might make a difference to what shade of tint you use. If you are driving in hot climates – and most Australian summers have heat waves – then consider using a darker tint to keep the heat out.
  • Privacy: Window tints add a level of privacy to your car. The darker the tint, the harder it is for anyone to see in. However, very dark tints can make driving at night difficult and this should be factored in when choosing your tint shade.

There are a variety of window tint shades available, and some are more common than others. You also might consider a lighter shade your front and rear windscreen and a darker shade on your back passenger windows. The choice is yours and each tint shade will provide a different look to your car.

What is the Most Common type of Window Tint Shade for Cars?

In Australia, 35% visible light transmittance (VLT) is a very popular shade for your car’s tint. It is the darkest tint that is legal. Any darker means it would be very difficult for people to see into your car, so for safety reasons, this is not allowed. 35% VLT is great for:

  • Protection from heat and UV rays
  • Maintaining privacy while still allowing others to see in and you to see out of your car safely
  • Giving your car a great, polished look with little maintenance required

Where Can You Find the Best Shade of Window Tint for Your Car?

If you’ve decided to tint your windows, then you really need to consider going somewhere that will not only consult with you on the best shade of tint for your car but will also provide you with a top quality product.

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