6 Benefits You Can Enjoy with Car Window Tinting

Skilled worker applying window tints on car door.When you think about it, a car is really like a second home. We spend so much time in our cars; travelling to work, to study, and to get the kids to and from school. And don’t forget those long summer road trips.

It’s especially important to make sure that we look after our car and tinting your car’s windows is one way to ensure the longevity of your car’s interior. But that’s just one of the benefits of car window tinting. Let’s check out a few more.


  1. Your Car Will Stay Cool

Window tinting helps to reflect strong, hot sunlight away from your car. This means your car will be significantly cooler when compared to a car that doesn’t have tinted windows. You’ll enjoy your ride more and, most importantly, you won’t be sweating uncomfortably. It will also improve your climate control, meaning you save money on petrol expenses.


  1. Long-Lasting Interiors

Sunlight can cause wear and tear on leather seats, armrests, your dashboard and any accessories in your car. Those UV rays aren’t just bad news for your skin. A dark car window tint will help protect your car’s interior. This means that your car will look newer for longer. It is also great news if you want to sell it in a few years, as it will stay valuable.


  1. Reduced Glare

Do you know how bad glare is for your eyes? Getting your car’s windows tinted means that your eyes get protected from the worst of the sun’s glare – allowing you to sit back and enjoy your ride. In fact, you may find that you’ll reach for those sunglasses a whole lot less.


  1. Privacy

With tinted windows, you can look at the whole wide world passing by while remaining in utter privacy. With a tint, people will struggle to be able to look into your car. If you’re a private individual, then this could be profoundly beneficial. You’re also free to sing out loud and air drum to the radio without worrying about what the people in the car next to you are thinking.


  1. In Case of Emergency

Did you know that tinted windows hold together when glass shatters? Should your car windows ever shatter, you’ll be safe from the flying debris of broken glass. Of course, this is not likely to happen but it’s always nice to know that you’re safe when driving.


  1. Security

Thieves love to see what valuables you’ve left in your car. Of course, you shouldn’t leave valuables in plain view, but sometimes your GPS, your sound system or even some small change can be appealing to a criminal. Tinted windows are a deterrent to would-be criminals. They’ll see your nice, dark windows and go looking for a more available target.

From protecting your retinas to keeping robbers at bay to preserving the fine leather of your car’s seats, tinted car windows are an unbeatable deal. There are plenty of other hidden benefits to automobile window tinting. Consider buying some and experiencing them all for first hand.

All About the Negative Effects of Glare

Bright sun glareThe sun – without it, we wouldn’t have gum trees, shrubs, or even oxygen. There’s so much reliance on that big ball of energy floating all those millions of miles away. But boy, can it be a pain.

The glare on a hot summer’s day can be intense. It gets your reaching for your sunglasses as you drive and shielding your eyes with your hands. Let’s check out just how bad glare is for your eyes.

Why Glare is Bad for You

The sun’s light is made up of ultraviolet or UV rays. These rays are harmful to your skin, hair and eyes. Over time, exposure to sun glare will affect your vision. It is hard to tell how much damage UV rays do to your eyes over a long period of time, but it’s known that they aren’t good for you. In fact, research points towards the increased chance of cataracts and other eyes problems later in life. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of your eye and are a common problem as people age.

Not Just Long Term

Not all the damage caused by sunlight glare takes years to happen. Photokeratitis and photo conjunctivitis can occur even after a few hours of exposure to harsh sunlight and glare. These conditions are an inflammation of the soft membrane on the outside of your eye. If your eyes feel sore, red or a bit rough after a day at the beach or a long drive in your car, then you may have done some minor damage. This damage can be minimised by tinting the windows of your car and wearing sunglasses on the beach.

The Dangers of Reflected UV Light

While direct exposure to UV radiation is damaging to your eyes, reflected UV light is also dangerous. Think of the sun reflecting off the back window of the car in front of you. Or the shimmering reflection of the setting sun over the ocean. Or the harsh glare of the snow during a fine winter’s day on the mountains. All these sources of reflected glare are bad for your vision.

What Can You Do?

So what exactly can you do to avoid the dangers of glare?


Sunglasses that cover your eyes and with a dark tint are effective when you’re out and about or driving behind the wheel. Make sure you only get quality sunglasses as cheap alternatives can do more harm than good.

Car Window Tinting

As well as a good pair of sunnies, it’s probably worth investing in getting your automobile’s windows tinted. Window tinting greatly reduces the amount of glare that gets through your windows, leaving you safe and sound inside your car.

Home Window Tinting

Glare can impact you even when you’re inside. Do the right thing and investigate home window tinting.

Now you know all the harmful effects of glare as well as how you can avoid it. So before you head out on your next journey, think about your eyes, your cars and your home and make investments that will protect you and your family.


How to Protect Your Car’s Interior with Window Tinting

Someone installing car window tinting Our personal vehicles are our pride and joy. After all, they’re the things that get us to work, to study, and most importantly to our holiday destinations. We believe that it’s important to look after our cars and we hope that you feel the same.


Today, we’re going to take a look at car tinting and how a set of freshly tinted windows can preserve the interior of your car.


Harsh Rays

The sun’s UV rays are serious business. They can cause skin burn, skin cancer and other nasty effects. Car window tinting protects the inside of your car from these rays. This means you’re reducing your risk of skin cancer, as well as protecting any children and animals that are along for the ride, too.

Protect Your Car’s Interior

Did you know that prolonged exposure to sunlight can seriously damage your car’s interior? Dashboards fade, accessories get worn out, leather cracks and soft surfaces suffer. Tinting your windows will reduce the chances of this happening, and will ensure that your car stays looking newer for longer. This is great news if you ever decide to sell it on, as you’ll preserve some of its value as well.

Keep it Cool

Cars get hot in the heat. Ever jumped into your ride on a hot summer’s day and felt the force of all that trapped hot air? Tinted windows will reduce how hot your car gets, both while stationary and while you drive it. Tinted car windows in the hills district will also boost the efficiency of your climate control. All of this means that you’re driving in comfort, as well as style.

Tint Every Window

Make sure that you get a comprehensive window tinting service. The sun comes in from different angles and locations depending on the time of day and the season. Ensure that your car is fully protected by getting a dark tint on all your windows, not just some of them.

Other Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Interior

Aside from getting your windows tinted, there are a few other things you can do to keep your car’s interior as good as new.

A Word about Drinks

While we live in an on-the-go, non-stop world, it’s important to limit your drink consumption in your car. Spills can happen all too easily, and you’re left with a sticky stain on your brand new leather seats. Try to limit your in-car drink consumption to water and make the same rule for all your passengers.

For the Smokers

While we wouldn’t deprive anyone of their free will, we will advise against smoking inside your car. All those nicotine-infused plumes of smoke will wear and tear your car’s interior faster than you can ask someone for a light. Save the cigarette for when you swap drivers.

There you have it! There is a range of ways to protect your car but none are better than window tinting. Try implementing this advice and you’ll be thanking us today, tomorrow, and many years down the track.




What You Need to Know When Changing Window Tints

A tinted car windscreen with the corner stripping awayChanging window tints might be the best decision you made for your home, car or office. Perhaps the tints you initially purchased don’t suit you, or maybe you have moved and want to change the window tinting in your car to suit the environment of your new area. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you should know when changing window tints.

What to Consider before You Strip the Window Tint

Before changing your window tints, consider the following questions:

  • What do I want the main purpose of my window tint to be? If you are tinting your car windows, you may be considering aesthetics, sun and UV protection or the protection of your interior. If you are tinting your home or office, you may also be considering the privacy of where you are residing and protecting your interiors from heat.

    Considering the main purpose of the window tint will help you to better decide on whether your new shade should be lighter or darker than your old one.

  • Where will I get my window tint stripped? Your window tint must be stripped by a professional. This will ensure all the window film is removed and the new one can be placed without any hassles.
  • How will I make sure my new window tint lasts longer than my old one? Maintain your new window tint by using a biodegradable cleaner only. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners which may scratch and damage your window’s film. Also, talk to the product experts about choosing a high-quality solution that suits your environment.

How Are Window Tints Replaced?

Window tints are changed using specialty tools which are best left to the professionals. This is to ensure that:

  • No sticky residue is left behind: This could alter the appearance of your new tint causing it to bubble.
  • No damage or scratching occurs on your window’s surface: Trying to scrape or lift window tinting on your own could end up costing you more. This is especially true if you scratch or damage your window’s surface in the process. It’s not worth the risk so avoid attempting to do it yourself.

Where Can You Find the Best Place to Strip and Change Your Window Tint?

If you’ve decided to give your windows a new tint, then you really need to consider all your options. Don’t just go to someone who will consult with about the best shade for your home or office. Talk to a professional who will also provide you with a top quality product.

All Aspects Window Tinting uses top quality film that has a range of benefits for your car, home and lifestyle. We are based in Narellan and Rouse Hill but service the entire Hills district! Contact us today for your obligation free quote.




Reduce Heat and UV with Window Tinting

A white home with tinted windowsWhen you think about it, you will realise you spend a fair bit of your time in your car – whether driving or as a passenger. While you are in your car, even though you are enclosed, you are still exposed to heat and UV rays. Often in the summer, your air-conditioner is pumped at all times, even if it’s just for a short trip to the supermarket.

Window tinting can be used as protection against the sun and other types of harsh weather environments in your car, home or office. It’s important to keep your body safe – and why not save on using that harsh air-conditioner while you’re at it?

How Does Window Tinting Protect You in Your Car?

Window tinting reduces heat by protecting you from the harsh sun and its UV rays. Here’s how it can help:

  • In your car: Avoid that awful and unsafe “driver’s arm” where your arm is repetitively burnt due to the heat radiating from your windows. Tinting in your car will also reduce eye strain from the harsh sunlight, potentially protecting you from driver fatigue.

How Does Reducing Heat and UV Protect You in Your Home or Office?

In your home or office, window tinting can protect you and your interiors in a number of ways. It provides:

  • A more natural heating or cooling system: Not only is it cheaper but keeping the sun and UV out means you don’t need to have artificial heating and cooling systems on all the time. Air-con can be bad for your breathing and bad for your skin and artificial heating can also be very expensive.
  • A barrier for your interiors: Window tinting will stop the harsh sun and UV from fading your home or office interiors.

Which Window Tints are best to Reduce Heat and UV?

The darker the tint, the better it will be in protecting you from heat and UV. In Australia, though, automotive window tints must maintain 35% visible light transmittance into the vehicle, so you can’t make your window tint incredibly dark.

Find the Best Window Tint to Reduce Heat and UV?

If you’ve decided to tint your windows, then you really need to consider going somewhere that will not only consult with you on the best shade for your home or office but will also provide you with a great product you can trust. All Aspects Window Tinting is proud to offer Centennium Automotive and 3M Window Film that comes with a lifetime guarantee. We also provide a range of products and types of tinting for your home or office. Contact us at our office in Rouse Hill today for your obligation-free quote – we service the entire Hills district.










Choosing the Right Shade of Window Tint

A man putting window tinting film on a carOnce you have decided to tint the windows of your car, it can be tricky to decide which shade of window tint you should choose. The shade of tint can have a dramatic or subtle effect on the look of your car, and different window tints are more suited for certain climates over others. Some shades are also more common than others.

If you are choosing the right shade of window tint, here is what you need to consider:

  • Looks: The darker the tint, the suaver your car can look. Consider if it suits your car’s colour to have dark tints. In Australia, automotive window tints must maintain 35% visible light transmittance into the vehicle, so you can’t make your window tint incredibly dark.
  • Weather: Where you drive might make a difference to what shade of tint you use. If you are driving in hot climates – and most Australian summers have heat waves – then consider using a darker tint to keep the heat out.
  • Privacy: Window tints add a level of privacy to your car. The darker the tint, the harder it is for anyone to see in. However, very dark tints can make driving at night difficult and this should be factored in when choosing your tint shade.

There are a variety of window tint shades available, and some are more common than others. You also might consider a lighter shade your front and rear windscreen and a darker shade on your back passenger windows. The choice is yours and each tint shade will provide a different look to your car.

What is the Most Common type of Window Tint Shade for Cars?

In Australia, 35% visible light transmittance (VLT) is a very popular shade for your car’s tint. It is the darkest tint that is legal. Any darker means it would be very difficult for people to see into your car, so for safety reasons, this is not allowed. 35% VLT is great for:

  • Protection from heat and UV rays
  • Maintaining privacy while still allowing others to see in and you to see out of your car safely
  • Giving your car a great, polished look with little maintenance required

Where Can You Find the Best Shade of Window Tint for Your Car?

If you’ve decided to tint your windows, then you really need to consider going somewhere that will not only consult with you on the best shade of tint for your car but will also provide you with a top quality product.

All Aspects Window Tinting uses Centennium Automotive Window Film that comes with a lifetime guarantee and myriad benefits for your car and lifestyle. We are based in Narellan and Rouse Hill but service the entire Hills district! Contact us today for your obligation-free quote.