Someone installing car window tinting

How to Protect Your Car’s Interior with Window Tinting

Someone installing car window tinting Our personal vehicles are our pride and joy. After all, they’re the things that get us to work, to study, and most importantly to our holiday destinations. We believe that it’s important to look after our cars and we hope that you feel the same.


Today, we’re going to take a look at car tinting and how a set of freshly tinted windows can preserve the interior of your car.


Harsh Rays

The sun’s UV rays are serious business. They can cause skin burn, skin cancer and other nasty effects. Car window tinting protects the inside of your car from these rays. This means you’re reducing your risk of skin cancer, as well as protecting any children and animals that are along for the ride, too.

Protect Your Car’s Interior

Did you know that prolonged exposure to sunlight can seriously damage your car’s interior? Dashboards fade, accessories get worn out, leather cracks and soft surfaces suffer. Tinting your windows will reduce the chances of this happening, and will ensure that your car stays looking newer for longer. This is great news if you ever decide to sell it on, as you’ll preserve some of its value as well.

Keep it Cool

Cars get hot in the heat. Ever jumped into your ride on a hot summer’s day and felt the force of all that trapped hot air? Tinted windows will reduce how hot your car gets, both while stationary and while you drive it. Tinted car windows in the hills district will also boost the efficiency of your climate control. All of this means that you’re driving in comfort, as well as style.

Tint Every Window

Make sure that you get a comprehensive window tinting service. The sun comes in from different angles and locations depending on the time of day and the season. Ensure that your car is fully protected by getting a dark tint on all your windows, not just some of them.

Other Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Interior

Aside from getting your windows tinted, there are a few other things you can do to keep your car’s interior as good as new.

A Word about Drinks

While we live in an on-the-go, non-stop world, it’s important to limit your drink consumption in your car. Spills can happen all too easily, and you’re left with a sticky stain on your brand new leather seats. Try to limit your in-car drink consumption to water and make the same rule for all your passengers.

For the Smokers

While we wouldn’t deprive anyone of their free will, we will advise against smoking inside your car. All those nicotine-infused plumes of smoke will wear and tear your car’s interior faster than you can ask someone for a light. Save the cigarette for when you swap drivers.

There you have it! There is a range of ways to protect your car but none are better than window tinting. Try implementing this advice and you’ll be thanking us today, tomorrow, and many years down the track.