Bright sun glare

All About the Negative Effects of Glare

Bright sun glareThe sun – without it, we wouldn’t have gum trees, shrubs, or even oxygen. There’s so much reliance on that big ball of energy floating all those millions of miles away. But boy, can it be a pain.

The glare on a hot summer’s day can be intense. It gets your reaching for your sunglasses as you drive and shielding your eyes with your hands. Let’s check out just how bad glare is for your eyes.

Why Glare is Bad for You

The sun’s light is made up of ultraviolet or UV rays. These rays are harmful to your skin, hair and eyes. Over time, exposure to sun glare will affect your vision. It is hard to tell how much damage UV rays do to your eyes over a long period of time, but it’s known that they aren’t good for you. In fact, research points towards the increased chance of cataracts and other eyes problems later in life. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of your eye and are a common problem as people age.

Not Just Long Term

Not all the damage caused by sunlight glare takes years to happen. Photokeratitis and photo conjunctivitis can occur even after a few hours of exposure to harsh sunlight and glare. These conditions are an inflammation of the soft membrane on the outside of your eye. If your eyes feel sore, red or a bit rough after a day at the beach or a long drive in your car, then you may have done some minor damage. This damage can be minimised by tinting the windows of your car and wearing sunglasses on the beach.

The Dangers of Reflected UV Light

While direct exposure to UV radiation is damaging to your eyes, reflected UV light is also dangerous. Think of the sun reflecting off the back window of the car in front of you. Or the shimmering reflection of the setting sun over the ocean. Or the harsh glare of the snow during a fine winter’s day on the mountains. All these sources of reflected glare are bad for your vision.

What Can You Do?

So what exactly can you do to avoid the dangers of glare?


Sunglasses that cover your eyes and with a dark tint are effective when you’re out and about or driving behind the wheel. Make sure you only get quality sunglasses as cheap alternatives can do more harm than good.

Car Window Tinting

As well as a good pair of sunnies, it’s probably worth investing in getting your automobile’s windows tinted. Window tinting greatly reduces the amount of glare that gets through your windows, leaving you safe and sound inside your car.

Home Window Tinting

Glare can impact you even when you’re inside. Do the right thing and investigate home window tinting.

Now you know all the harmful effects of glare as well as how you can avoid it. So before you head out on your next journey, think about your eyes, your cars and your home and make investments that will protect you and your family.