Brilliant orange sunrise over clouds

Window Tints vs Blinds – Which is Best?

Brilliant orange sunrise over cloudsAustralia truly is the lucky country. We have amazing beaches, refreshing beer and long, warm summers. In fact, you could say that we’ve got it made. But if there’s one part of summer that gets under your skin, it’s the heat. A little bit is okay, but a lot can become overbearing, especially if your home has a tendency to warm up and become unbearable.

Let’s take a look at the best options for keeping your home cool and shaded. Are blinds what you need or is window tinting a more effective option?

The Case for Blinds

There is some argument for blinds. They can be a great way to decorate your home, as you can match them with your existing décor and furniture. Also, they are really efficient at keeping light out. So if you’re just looking to keep your home dark, you needn’t look any further. But if you really want to keep your home as cool as an icicle during the summer months, you need to give this problem some more thought.

The Argument for Window Tinting

There are a few reasons you should choose to get your home’s windows tinted rather than investing in blinds. Let’s check them out.

Tinting Reflects Heat

Window tinting involves covering your window in a dark film. This film makes your windows dark and hard to see through, but it also has the added bonus of reflecting that harsh Australian sunlight. Tinted windows keep your home nice and cool during summer and they’ll shave some money off your air conditioning expenses.

While it may cost a little bit to get your windows tinted, you’ll soon see a significant return on your investment. You will rely on climate control less and less and your furniture and flooring will last longer. Why, you ask? Because UV rays rapidly deteriorate wood, leather, timber and other materials.

Tinting Gives You Privacy

Tinting darkens your home’s windows, enabling you to look out while stopping others from peeping in. Tinting is great for your privacy. Your home’s windows will be an impenetrable dark screen from the outside but clear from the inside, keeping you and your family safe from burglars, the weather and nosy neighbours.

Control Glare

Who likes to wear sunglasses inside? Bright sunlight can cause an uncomfortable amount of glare, even inside your home. Having tinted windows prevents this from happening. The sun’s strong glare gets reflected by the film, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home without a headache.

The Verdict

While blinds look neat and keep out the light, window tinting wins for heat reduction, privacy and glare-resistance! If you want to offer all-round, all season protection for your home, family and windows this year, window tinting is a natural choice.