Sleep, Privacy and Residential Window Tinting

Man peeping outside through the blindsYour home is truly your haven. It’s a place where you can rest, relax, rejuvenate and restore for the next working day. And what room is better for all that than your bedroom?

Let’s check out the importance of sleep and privacy in your home and exactly how window tinting fits into that mix.

All about Sleep

Did you know that most people need between seven to nine hours of sleep each night? Anything less and we begin to suffer. Judgement, rational thought and reflexes are all affected when we begin to lose sleep. That’s why it’s so important that your bedroom is a place where you can get a restful night’s sleep.

Humans need a dark, quiet environment to get to sleep and to stay asleep. Imagine lying awake at night with a harsh, bright streetlight shining in, keeping you awake. Or even worse, imagine waking up as the sun rises through your window, knowing full well you’ve got another hour or two before the alarm goes off! There’s nothing worse.

The Solution

If the above situation applies to you, you’ll be quite thankful to know that there’s an easy solution. It’s home window tinting. Whether you live in the Hills District or Blacktown, a residential window tint can solve your light dilemma.

A window tint will ensure that sunlight and artificial light stays well and truly out of your bedroom. This is because the film that comprises window tinting is great at reflecting annoying light away from your home and from your face. You’ll be able to rest and rest assured – safe in the knowledge that you can get to sleep and stay asleep.

A Word about Privacy

Privacy is important in all aspects of your life – including at your business and in your home. From potential peeping toms to nosy neighbours and curious passers-by –nobody wants anyone peeking into their bedroom, especially at night!

Usually, we’d rely on blinds to keep those curious eyes at bay. But that presents a dilemma. Blinds mean that you can’t see out of your bedroom!

The Solution

Again, the solution to this particular dilemma lies in residential window tinting. Darkly tinted windows mean that no one can peer into your property but you’re free to look out at the wide world. Now that’s a winning combination.

Good for the Rest of the Home, Too

Residential window tinting isn’t just for your bedroom. It can help to keep heat, light and prying eyes away from your other rooms as well. So don’t just stop where you sleep – consider window tinting for the rest of your property, too.

Improve Client Privacy with Commercial Window Tinting

Board room with flat screen TV mounted on the wallDo you work in an industry where client privacy is paramount? Perhaps you’re a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Social Worker or Justice Worker? Or perhaps you work in another industry, but still want your clients to feel like their privacy is important. Either way, you may want to consider commercial window tinting.

Let’s take a closer look at tinting for commercial properties.

The Importance of Privacy

Why is privacy so important? Well, in the hustle and bustle of this non-stop world, we are constantly on call. Smartphones, social media and computers are all ringing ceaselessly with notifications, demands and messages. Going to a meeting where your client can feel as though it’s just you and them in the room is priceless. Tinted windows mean that they will feel as though they are safe from prying eyes, which also makes them more comfortable.

For Financial Businesses

Perhaps you’re an accountant, financial advisor or stockbroker. Your clients are coming to you with highly sensitive information about the personal finances. To many people, these are cards that they hold closely to their chest.

An office with tinted windows is the perfect environment to hold financial meetings in because the client is going to feel secure. They’re also going to feel as though their funds are secure. After all, security is the most important thing when it comes to the bottom line.

A tinted facade or shopfront also gives the impression of discretion and privacy. In that line of work, that’s the first impression that you want to make.

The Importance of Comfort

Client comfort is important in many professions. Let’s consider, for example, Social Work. Often, Social Workers assist vulnerable people at critical points in their life. Imagine your client, sitting in front of you in an office with plain windows, trying to disclose important parts of their life, and history, in open view. That doesn’t seem comfortable for them, does it?

Now picture the same scenario, but replace the plain windows with those with a dark tint. Now your client is comfortable, relaxed and able to have the necessary conversation in privacy.

Not Just Important for the Client

The client’s comfort is not only important to them – it’s important to you too, especially if you want to keep their business. Let’s expand on this.

Imagine your client comes to access your service and doesn’t feel wholly comfortable. It may be the plain windows or the tone of your voice or a less-than-warm welcome from the receptionist. Either way, there’s a good chance that they might leave the appointment seriously considering if your service is the right one for them. So if you’re interested in the longevity of your business and your client relationships, you may want to consider window tinting as an option.

If you’re in a business where client comfort and security is important, then it’s important to invest in window tinting for your commercial premises. Take a look at your workplace today and ask yourself – do I need my windows tinted?

Window Tints vs Blinds – Which is Best?

Brilliant orange sunrise over cloudsAustralia truly is the lucky country. We have amazing beaches, refreshing beer and long, warm summers. In fact, you could say that we’ve got it made. But if there’s one part of summer that gets under your skin, it’s the heat. A little bit is okay, but a lot can become overbearing, especially if your home has a tendency to warm up and become unbearable.

Let’s take a look at the best options for keeping your home cool and shaded. Are blinds what you need or is window tinting a more effective option?

The Case for Blinds

There is some argument for blinds. They can be a great way to decorate your home, as you can match them with your existing décor and furniture. Also, they are really efficient at keeping light out. So if you’re just looking to keep your home dark, you needn’t look any further. But if you really want to keep your home as cool as an icicle during the summer months, you need to give this problem some more thought.

The Argument for Window Tinting

There are a few reasons you should choose to get your home’s windows tinted rather than investing in blinds. Let’s check them out.

Tinting Reflects Heat

Window tinting involves covering your window in a dark film. This film makes your windows dark and hard to see through, but it also has the added bonus of reflecting that harsh Australian sunlight. Tinted windows keep your home nice and cool during summer and they’ll shave some money off your air conditioning expenses.

While it may cost a little bit to get your windows tinted, you’ll soon see a significant return on your investment. You will rely on climate control less and less and your furniture and flooring will last longer. Why, you ask? Because UV rays rapidly deteriorate wood, leather, timber and other materials.

Tinting Gives You Privacy

Tinting darkens your home’s windows, enabling you to look out while stopping others from peeping in. Tinting is great for your privacy. Your home’s windows will be an impenetrable dark screen from the outside but clear from the inside, keeping you and your family safe from burglars, the weather and nosy neighbours.

Control Glare

Who likes to wear sunglasses inside? Bright sunlight can cause an uncomfortable amount of glare, even inside your home. Having tinted windows prevents this from happening. The sun’s strong glare gets reflected by the film, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home without a headache.

The Verdict

While blinds look neat and keep out the light, window tinting wins for heat reduction, privacy and glare-resistance! If you want to offer all-round, all season protection for your home, family and windows this year, window tinting is a natural choice.


Why Use Window Tints for Privacy?

A tinted window on the second storey of the houseHave you got a great view from your home or apartment? Maybe you just wish you didn’t have to feel completely closed in within your own home? You are not alone.

It’s common to feel the need to close your blinds or shutters for privacy, and for this to make you feel claustrophobic – not to mention spoiling your view of the outside world.

Window tinting can be used as a clever alternative for privacy at home or in the office. It’s a great way to replace your traditional and more expensive window coverings such as shutters, blinds and awnings.

Today we’re going to show you why you should free your home and your views with tinting.

What Are the Benefits of Using Window Tints for Privacy?

The benefits of using window tints for privacy include:

  • Keeping your blinds and curtains open during the day: It may be to enjoy the views, or it may be that you have your bedroom windows at the front of the house. Perhaps your neighbours can see into your home through their windows. Either way, window tints for privacy mean you can keep your blinds and curtains open during the day.
  • Security: Window tints provide an added level of security when you’re not at home. If potential intruders can’t see inside and they can’t see your valuables, then they can’t know for sure whether you are home or not.

What Types of Window Tinting are Available for Your Home’s Privacy?

The darker the shade of window film is, the more privacy your home will have. Window films will vary in quality and some films are highly reflective while others aren’t. Colours can vary too, from deep blue/grey to shades of pure grey, and even silver or bronze.

Consulting with a quality window tinting service would be a good place to start when deciding on the type a window tinting. They will be able to find a product that ensures the privacy of your home and meets your other needs. If you also want a cooler home in summer or a sleek exterior, the experts can help you.

Where Can You Find the Best Window Tint to Ensure the Privacy of Your Home?

Have you decided to tint your windows to give your home the privacy and security that they deserve?

You should go somewhere that will gladly consult with you and find the optimal shade for your home without obligation. Of course, it’s also important to get a top quality product. The professional team at All Aspects Window Tinting uses excellent window film that has a range of benefits for your home and lifestyle. We are based in Narellan and Rouse Hill, but we offer window tinting service throughout the Hills district and surrounds. Contact us today for a quote!